Monday, June 1, 2015

Roasted Potato and Roasted Onion Fendu

It's been a while since we had a Roasted Potato Fendu for the share, so I thought that it would be nice to get one out there this week, since I'm harvesting the last of the volunteer onions that popped up in the garlic patch this season. Here's a couple of bruisers we picked and roasted yesterday.

The Biz sneaking up on me trying to steal the onions!
These two big onions will provide the onions for the first two days of the share, then I'll need to use other onions, some from our main vegetable garden, some from Jacinto Farms where, right now, they have some mammoth "Maui" and "Mata Hari" onions. I like the Mata Haris more than the Mauis...they have more flavor when roasted. This week's bread has twice as much onion as the last roasted potato fendu we made with onions. Look out!

Home grown onions in olive oil, ready for roasting.
In addition to roasting the potatoes and onions, this bread requires some whole wheat, which we always mill on Sunday, just before the week's first loaves are made. Here's the setup with the stone mill.

Hard Red Wheat berries being coarsely milled for the Potato Fendu!
Had to share this too...Cam's parents have contributed to the overall spirit of things here at the C&C Kitchens with this great gift; custom embroidered kitchen towels! Among other designs, check out this one:

Custom kitchen towels!
Hope you all enjoy the bread this week!

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