Friday, September 26, 2014

Deli Rye Bread with Caraway Seeds

Light Deli Rye
Tried a couple of new formulas over the past couple of days, and the success story (I'll skip the failure) was the Deli Rye. This is similar to the sort of "rye" I grew up eating. Specifically, we used to always have a loaf of Schwebel's Jewish Rye in the house, and I loved it toasted.
Despite disparaging the sort of rye bread sold in stores in the US today, Hamelman (in his book Bread) offers a formula for a light deli rye.  Really, this is a wheat bread with a little (15%) rye flour and caraway seeds. While it's not a traditional rye, I still love this sort of loaf, and was excited to find that this formula produced a mildly sour loaf with a tender spongy crumb and a crisp but not too toothy crust. This one will find its way into the Bread Share rotation for sure. Hamelman calls for spiking the dough with commercial yeast in the final build, but I decided to forgo this addition and I'm glad I did.  The crumb of this bread is exactly as I wanted it.  A more open crumb wouldn't have helped this bread.
I toasted a slice as soon as I could cut the loaf.  Delicious!

Deli Rye Crumb. Very nice!

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