Monday, September 29, 2014

Underproofing = Giant Oven Spring...and Stamps!

Exaggerated oven spring on Deli Rye
Here's what happens (if you're lucky) when you put the deli rye away for cold-retarded proofing and wake to find that the loaves haven't risen at all. Big oven spring. 
If you're not lucky, you get bricks. Because this is a lower hydration dough than I normally work with, the boules can easily be coerced into springing up into nice tall rounds. Another nicety of a slightly drier dough is reliable ears, or gringe, the peels of crust that curl back from the score. Very nice.
But the real fun today is the arrival of our bag stamp! There are some specific requirements of a cottage food operation, and proper labeling is one of them. There's a lot of other humdrum text required, but your business name and phone number have to be part of that text. In keeping with our plan to keep all of this fun, Cam went online and found Meagan Lewis, who makes hand-carved rubber stamps. A couple of weeks and a few design iterations later, we have a really nice piece of branding in hand.  Meagan did a beautiful job. Like our bread, the stamp is hand-crafted. The stamp arrived in what really amounted to gift-wrapping too...a nice touch!

Our Stamp
 It's even fun to stamp the bags (at least it was for the first thirty or so bags).

Bread Bags

So it looks like we'll be ready for next week's debut of the bread share!

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